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The Profile in Courage WOM: Women’s “gift of gab.”

Regarding brands, women have about 10% more weekly conversations than men. Women are more persuasive than men when it comes to WOM recommendations. Forbes reported that this has “huge implications. For how marketing strategies need to be set in today’s social age. “This article states some findings from a research study conducted by the Keller Group:

  • Women talk about 13% more brands each week than men.
  • Women take more actions based on WOM recommendations
  • Women’s WOM opinions and advice (58%) are more influential than men’s (50%).

Ed Keller, The gift of Gag: “Women and Word of Mouth Advocacy,” Forbes, August 10, 2012

Path to Success

Use the following process to increase skill efficiency, attract new clients faster, improve services, and manage time.

Directions: Complete this self-awareness process tool daily for three months.

  1. Could you list the six most important things to do the next day and rank the items in order of importance?
  2. Could you delete each task as it is completed? It goes on the next day’s list if you don’t accomplish a task.
  3. The next day begins with the first item on the list; then, repeat the same process.

You are going through the physical process of writing tasks down forces you to complete them and work toward your daily goals. A short list can be easily managed; you can easily do all the items. After accomplishing these, move on to any more significant tasks.