Women Leadership Service

A Woman of Color in a Red Color Suit

As a woman in a leadership position, You may face some challenges that differ from your male counterparts. You may also need some guidance regarding excelling in your position or improving in particular areas that concern you. After speaking with Julie, she applied my guidance, which helped her to focus clearly and directly. She then…

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The Path To Success

A Living Room With Glass Hanging Lights

Use the following process to increase skill, efficiency, attract new clients faster, improve services, and manage time.  Directions: Complete this self-awareness process tool daily for three months. You are going through the physical process of writing tasks down forces you to complete them and work toward your daily goals. A short list can be easily managed; you…

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About Me

I have 12 years of consultant experience selling retail services and products in the people business. Four years ago, I made the powerful desire and personal choice to take my consulting to a different level and launched my ownership. Let’s build your dream business. I had the desire to help women business owners create strategies…

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Social Networking 

A Moving Wave in Color Moving Image

Many people want recognition. The desire for recognition is a powerful motivator. Complimenting success is the ultimate expression of appreciation. I would love to acknowledge and focus on touches that provide opportunities for engagement and possible success in our work and business. Consultants I’ve worked with shared and agreed that nurturing, motivating, inspiring, encouraging, affirmations,…

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Road Map

A Map in Color With a Peg on Color Heads

When I started my service business, I struggled with being specific and didn’t have clarity on the type of service I was offering and wanted to build to help others.  I was generalizing with no specific personal meaning in my content and conversations. I really wanted to praise and affirm my work but unsure of…

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