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I help women who want to make “BIG” changes in their life or who want to achieve massive results, growing their business, and get ultimate success easier and quicker. I help them break down their goals into simple action steps that are easy to follow. I coach and keep them on track until they’ve achieved the results they’re looking for: Diane Collins/Consultant /Coach; business and professionals.

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5 Step Client Breakthrough Framework

  1. Clarify vision and direction
  2. Strategic actions
  3. Upgrade skills
  4. Optimize
  5. Master Psychology

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Driven Strategic Service Consultant/Coach

I built an Independent Consultant business 13 years in skin care and beauty products for women and even men. 

Today  my business evolved into a greater  professional "Service Experience,"  and owner. My belief in service is about rapport, results, relationships,attracting clients, trust, and new contacts. I give service from the heart. It's a rewarding and gratifying gift.  

I'm the author  of "Fired up Women," An Entrepreneur's Guide in Leading an Independent Sales Consulting Business.