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Our Independent consultant services go the extra mile. Consultants told me they want to increase client retention; they aren’t able to get enough business, and consistency.

We create a marketing system built with a strategy to sharpen content that attract leads for your business. 

Use a repeatable marketing process to educate the ideal client and assure results.

Clarity on core services is offered to the ideal client.

Real Testimonials

"Diane  Collins has a profound commitment in service to others, especially women in business. Making the case how independent consultants lead in an effective way is a major achievement. The content in this book delivers the tools and research toward success. Diane is focused on marketing stratgies and tools to take it to the finish line". 

-Ernestine Roland, Retired Libraria

"Diane has always been a go-getter,  accepting the challenge to the best she can be as she encouraged others.

She has answered the call of society to  succeed.. and to help others achieve excellence in their earning power. Her consulting skills and techniques have also helped others strengthen and improve their lives.

If your goal is to discover what you should be striving for, Diane's personal reflections, as well as quotes from model go-getters, help make each lesson in her book, 'Fired Up Women,' fresh and relevant for your life as well as help you apply each new insight in life-changing ways."

-Church District-Recording Secretary

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Press Release

New Book Reveals How  to  help small business  independent  consultants especially  women develop strategic marketing that improve client retention, grow and scale your business and  make a business more profitable.

 Local retired teacher to publish a new book  entitled  "Fired up Women."  An Entrepreneur's Guide in Leading an Independent Sales  Consulting Business.  

This book, to be published  August 31, 2019. will reveal practical  strategies designed to help readers.

  • How to scale your business effectively
  • How to stand out develop your brand and develop a marketing system
  • How to innovate, in smart new ways,  and incorporate technology tools

Diane Collins is an independent  consultant in the service industry. She is committed to helping others  especially women. This book offers personalized consulting service experiences on developing marketing projects and more. Her thirty five years as a classroom teacher has evolved into a professional  entrepreneurial small business owner, professional speaker, mentor, and coach.

Her professional speaking experience and workshops  on implementing marketing strategies and tactics go the extra mile.  


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Hi Ladies: Are you  limiting your success?  Elevate your personal "Brand", and create an event to sell a service, launch a consultant offer, course or program. Earn more, serve more for your cause. I can't  wait to  here from you! 

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Independent Consultant Service Experiences

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Fired Up Women!

Our Mission is to support entrepreneurs and small business owners, especially women, scale your business operations. 

Create a service-based business committed to help female professionals, consultants and leaders elevate their brand..

Develop useful strategies that get  "growing" results  Rise above obstacles and chaos